Frustration, worry, anger, pandemic stress — we see these emotions everywhere nowadays. Happiness is rare and misery abounds. Whether you turn on the TV or look at online news, message is the same — we are not doing well. We absorb stress from all around us whether it be family, friends, or coworkers. There is a light at the end of this long tunnel, but it seems far away right now. In a few months’ time it will be a year during which life for everyone was not normal. When the pandemic restrictions started in United States back in March…

One of the scariest things about being a new manager is handling people, that can keep you up at night.

This feeling has dogged newbie managers for as long as we can remember, and majority would list it as their #1 fear. One of the unnerving and at the same time exciting transitions in any company is going from an individual contributor to a management role. Contrary to what one might say, no one is fully prepared to lead from day one and be a great manager — great managers are made, not born[1]. The reason for this is simple…

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Human nature abhors change and at the same time is weary of uncertainty about the future. A merger between two companies brings out both uneasy feelings to the forefront. Mergers are not new and have been happening since the “Greater Merger Movement (1893–1904)” of the nineteenth century, yet those most affected by these mergers always undergo conflicting emotions. On the one hand there is the heady excitement of a dynamic and expanded business with new possibilities, ideas and synergies while at the same time there always lurks a fear of the unknown, countless what-if scenarios and fear of failure.


Ancient Wireless Signaling

Wireless communication is as old as Biblical times
( John Kingman — National Geographic Society 1919)

When we think of present-day wireless applications our mind only goes as far back as the early seventies when they started becoming widely known to the general public. Wireless communication giants like T-Mobile that have already launched the one and only massive nationwide 5G network covering almost all United States seem like normal today.

Competition or team work, which is better? An age-old question that has confounded the best minds in management sciences. It is not an easy one to answer as many have found over the years. I myself have struggled with the right choice weighing the pros and cons of one over the other. I have gotten varied responses ranging from praise for teamwork over everything else to competition being the life blood of any organization if it wants to flourish. An ideal situation would be to have both coexist in mutual harmony, yet competition and teamwork are at odds. Consider.


Nadir Khan

I work as a senior engineer in a wireless company.

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